KO-512 Oven Rack Main

KOVOT 3-Tier Collapsible Oven Rack – Maximizes Cooking Space In Your Oven

Style# KO-512


When oven space is at a premium, this KOVOT 3-Tier Oven Rack saves the day. Place it on one half of an oven rack and bake several side dishes while the main dish cooks alongside. It also folds flat for convenient storage. It maximizes oven space for multiple roasting and baking tasks. Ideal for entertaining and preparing large batches of food and accommodates bakeware up to 4″ high. Simple assembly direction included. The erect oven rack measures 13.5″ L x 11″ W x 10.5″ H – so it fits most ovens.


    • Maximizes Oven Space For Multiple Roasting And Baking Tasks
    • Place It In One Half Of The Oven And Bake Several Side Dishes While The Main Dish Cooks Alongside
    • Accommodates Bakeware Up To 4″ High – Foldable And Collapsible For Easy Storage
    • Dishwasher And Oven Safe
    • Measures 13.5″ L x 11″ W x 10.5″ H – So It Fits Most Ovens