Acrylic Window Bird Feeder and Perch

Style# KO-163


The KOVOT Acrylic Window Bird Feeder and Perch allows you to view birds close-up from inside your home. It is made of a lightweight, very durable, all-weather, high transparency acrylic. Attached are 3 high quality suction cups for added stability. The removable feed tray allows for hassle free cleaning and refilling without tampering with the suction cups. Attract all kids of birds by using different seeds. The bird feeder measures at 6.30″ inches L x 2.95″ inches W x 6.85″ inches H.


    • This Acylic Window Bird Feeder Allows Close-Up View of Birds to Look At or Study
    • Made Of Lightweight Very Durable All-Weather High Transparency Acrylic and Has 3 High Quality Suction Cups for Added Stability
    • Removable Feed Tray Allows for Hassle Free Cleaning and Refilling Without Tampering with the Suction Cups
    • Attract All Kinds of Birds By Using Different Seeds
    • Measures: 6.30″ L x 2.95″ W x 6.85″ H