KO-286 Plant-Clips-Individual-50-pieces-Sizes

KOVOT Plant & Garden Clips

Style# KO-286


To ease your gardening experience, use the KOVOT Plant & Garden Clips. They are easy to use & remove spring clips for supporting plant and seedling stems. Great for securing all kinds of growing plants, flowers, tomatoes, and vine vegetables. They attach stem to cane, rod or wire to help support, straighten or direct to sunlight. Protects delicate flowers against wind damage, bolster fruit-laden branches. The gentle clips won’t harm plant or hinder growth; weatherproof & non-rusting, spring steel wire. Includes equal amounts of regular (1 1/4″) and larger size clips (1 3/4″).


    • Set Includes: 50 Total Plant Clips (25 Of Each 1-1/4″ & 1-3/4)
    • For Securing All Kinds Of Growing Plants, Flowers, Tomatoes, And Vine Garden Vegetables
    • To Gently Fix Plants To Canes, Wire, Or Branches
    • Weatherproof And Easy To Use
    • Includes Equal Amounts Of Regular Size (1 1/4″) And Larger Size Clips (1 3/4″)