Tilted WIne Set

Tilted Wine Glass Set

Style# KO-188


These cool Tilted Wine Glasses¬†have woozily bent stems, but have a base wide enough to keep them upright. Now why would you want slightly inebriated wine glasses? To be different when having a glass or two with friends, a unique conversation piece, or you could just switch someone’s regular wine glass to one of these during a refill and then act like nothing’s wrong. They come in a set of two.


    • Includes 2 Tilted Wine Glasses
    • Glasses Are Designed With A Subtle Bend In The Stem To Create An Optical Illusion
    • 13 oz Capacity Each – Recommended To Only Fill Up To 5oz To Avoid Actual Tipping
    • Fun Gift Item For A Wine Lover
    • Hand Wash Recommended