It’s the little things in life
that make you happy.
We create those little things.

At Kovot, we’re all about the little things. We create fresh products, fun gifts and functional accessories that bring smiles to your face and joy to your home.

Fresh. Fun. Functional.
That’s Kovot.

We built our company on three core services for our customers:

Fresh Finds

We're always fresh. We take fresh ideas and create unique hard-to-find treasures that are fashion-forward, trendy and useful. We’re fast-fashion for your home, a source for unique items that create happiness, renewal and joy. There’s always something new to discover at

Fun Lifestyle

We put the fun in functional through creative, unique items that help you do more throughout the day. We create those little thing that make life so enjoyable. In a busy world with less individuality, we create the home essentials that showcase your personality and uniqueness.

Functional Quality

High quality items create greater quality of life. So we focus on creating useful products with superior functionality, turning ordinary items into extraordinary essentials. We craft home accessories and unique gifts that build families and friendships, making life easier and more enjoyable along the way.

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