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  • Heart Shaped Bamboo Spoon And Rest Set

    Add some love to any home with the KOVOT Heart Shaped Bamboo Spoon And Rest Set. Set includes: A heart shaped bamboo spoon and a heart shaped bamboo spoon rest. Made from high quality bamboo, the spoon lays nicely on the uniquely molded rest. Heart shaped hole at the end allows for easy hanging. A wonderful gift idea for anyone that loves to cook/bake -especially moms, wives, and grandmas.
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  • Heart Shaped Silicone Molds – Set of 2

    Create luscious and delicious treats from the comfort of your own home. Now with this KOVOT Heart Shaped Silicone Molds set, you can design your very own heart-shaped chocolates, candy, jello-o, ice cubes, crayons, frozen yogurt and more for gift boxes or party trays. This is easy-to-use, flexible, non-toxic and long-lasting. Safe to use in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. 15 heart-shaped cavities in each tray. Each mold measures 8.25" x 4.50" each cavity is approximately 1" inch diameter.
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