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  • Garden Sphere Set

    Enhance the beauty of your lawn, garden, or home with the KOVOT Set of 7 Stainless Steel Garden Spheres. These gazing balls have a mirror finish which adds reflective beauty to all surrounding. This set is also used to keep critters and birds away from your garden or pool. As the critters approach, they see a moving object and get scared off. Scatter them around your garden and home or group them together. Rust, weather and frost proof.
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  • Kovot Ceramic Coffee Canister – Embossed Coffee Jar with Air-Sealed Lid – Best Coffee Preserver – Airscape Coffee Container – Easy to Wash, Color: Ivory White, Measures: 6”H

    The KOVOT Ceramic Coffee Jar With Air-Sealed Lid makes a charming and classy addition to your countertop or table, especially when you are entertaining guests. It has a clean ivory color with the text "COFFEE" lightly displayed on the jar. The air-sealed lids will keep the freshness in and the moisture out. Specially designed gift packaging ensures safe delivery and happy recipients.
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  • Water Lily Fountain

    The KOVOT Tiered Lily Eternity Tabletop Water Fountain will add the soothing sounds of flowing water to any setting. The fountain is constructed out of high quality textured resin base and steel flowers for that eloquent home fountain look. The fountain includes an electric recirculating aqua pump and is crafted so the water flows from one tier to the next. The soothing sound of naturally flowing water has always provided the perfect backdrop for sleep, relaxation, and concentration. Includes a small pack of rocks to complete the soothing look.
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  • Bamboo Bathroom Accessories 8 Piece Set

    This KOVOT Bamboo Bathroom Accessories Set will add beautiful natural elegance to any bathroom. The set includes: waste basket, toilet brush holder (brush included), square tissue dispenser, cotton ball box, soap dispenser, square storage cup, tooth brush holder, soap dish. All pieces have a beautiful matching design made from high end natural bamboo. Bamboo care instructions included.
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