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  • Snowball Maker and Thrower Set of 2 (1 Blue & 1 Red)

    Who doesn't love a good snowball fight? KOVOT Snowball Maker and Thrower Set is the perfect accessory to a winter storm. This set comes with 1 blue and 1 red snowball maker. With the built-in snowball press, it creates safe soft-packed ball that break apart on impact. An easy grip handles for gloves and small hands allows for snowball fighters of all ages to join in. Made of heave y duty polypropylene and rubberized plastic. Measures at 13" x 3" x 2"
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  • Reindeer Car Costume Set with Jingle Bells

    Show your holiday spirit with the KOVOT Reindeer Car Set. Add spirit to your vehicles with these cheerful car decorations. It features 2 antlers that clip to the top of the windows and a red reindeer nose that easily attaches to your vehicle's grill. These decorations look great on any vehicle, and won't damage its finish. Set includes two 17" furry antlers with jingle bells, and one 6" plush red nose. Cannot be used if vehicle has window vent shades or visors. Nor recommended for highway use.
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