16 Plastic Reusable Paper Plate Holders (Multicolored)


Don’t be afraid of the wind blowing away your plate with the KOVOT Plastic Reusable Paper Plate Holders.

These plates hold your 9″ paper plate in place while giving off a fun look. Each plate features 3 grooves which keep your plate from flying away. Ideal for bbqs, camping, picnics, parties or for every day dinner decor.

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  • Includes 16 Plastic Reusable Paper Plate Holders In Multiple Colors (4 Yellow, 4 Green, 4 Blue, 4 Red)
  • Holds Your 9″ Paper Paper Plates In Place While Giving Off A Fun Look
  • Each Plate Features 3 Grooves Which Keep Your Plate From Flying Away
  • Ideal For BBQs, Camping, Picnics, Parties Or For Every Day Dinner Decor
  • Dishwasher Safe

Additional information

Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 12.9 × 11.6 × 2.2 in


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