Acrylic Window Bird Feeder and Perch


The KOVOT Acrylic Window Bird Feeder and Perch allows you to view birds close-up from inside your home. Attract all kids of birds by using different seeds.

It is made of a lightweight, very durable, all-weather, high transparency acrylic. Attached are 3 high quality suction cups for added stability. The removable feed tray allows for hassle free cleaning and refilling without tampering with the suction cups.

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  • This Acylic Window Bird Feeder Allows Close-Up View of Birds to Look At or Study
  • Made Of Lightweight Very Durable All-Weather High Transparency Acrylic and Has 3 High Quality Suction Cups for Added Stability
  • Removable Feed Tray Allows for Hassle Free Cleaning and Refilling Without Tampering with the Suction Cups
  • Attract All Kinds of Birds By Using Different Seeds
  • Measures: 6.30″ L x 2.95″ W x 6.85″ H

Additional information

Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 7.1 × 6.3 × 3.3 in


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