Ceramic Utensil Caddy Set


The KOVOT Ceramic Utensil Caddy Set is a beautiful and elegant way to organize your utensils. It makes a a great centerpiece and will have plenty of guests talking about it.

The set includes 3 ceramic utensil holders and 1 wood stand. Each utensil holder has a different impression of either a fork, a knife, or a spoon. There is a text that corresponds to the impression directly below it saying “Knives”, “Spoons”, or “Forks”. The wood tray adds an elegant touch and can be used to transport the caddies. The Utensil holders, look absolutely beautiful on the table, with or without the stand.

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  • Includes 3 Ceramic Utensil Holders and 1 Wood Stand
  • Each Utensil Holder Has a Different Impression of Either a Fork, a Knife, or a Spoon
  • There is a Text that Corresponds to the Impression Directly Below it Saying “Knives”, “Spoons”, or “Forks”
  • The Wood Tray Adds an Elegant Touch and be Used to Transport the Caddies
  • The Ceramic Holders are Dishwasher Safe – Measure 4 1/2″ High

Additional information

Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 12.1 × 6.4 × 3.6 in


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