Water Lily Fountain


The KOVOT Tiered Lily Eternity Tabletop Water Fountain will add the soothing sounds of flowing water to any setting.

The fountain is constructed out of high quality textured resin base and steel flowers for that eloquent home fountain look. The fountain includes an electric recirculating aqua pump and is crafted so the water flows from one tier to the next. The soothing sound of naturally flowing water has always provided the perfect backdrop for sleep, relaxation, and concentration. Includes a small pack of rocks to complete the soothing look.

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  • Constructed Out Of High Quality Textured Resin Base And Steel Flowers For The Eloquent Home Fountain Look
  • The Soothing Sound of Naturally Flowing Water Has Always Provided the Perfect Backdrop for Sleep, Relaxation, and Concentration
  • Fountain Includes An Electric Recirculating Aqua Pump And Is Crafted So The Water Flows From One Tier To The Next – For Best Use And To Have The Pump Last Longer, Make Sure The Water Is Filled Just Below The Rim, So The Pump Is Fully Submerged
  • Includes Small Pack Of Rocks To Complete The Look
  • Overall Dimensions: 11 1/2″H x 7″L x 5 3/4″W
  • Product Weight: 2lbs

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Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 13.1 × 9.1 × 7.0 in


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