Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses Set


The KOVOT Himalayan Pink Salt Shooters Set is a very unique and ups the style quotient of your tequila shots. The set includes (4) natural Himalayan salt shot glasses. Carved from FDA-approved pure food grade Himalayan pink salt, they have the translucent beauty of rose quartz, while adding a perfectly nuanced note of salt to your favorite tequila. The kind of shots that make a party, there’s no need to fool with salting rims, just add a wedge of lime and you’re off. It’s recommended to take the shots fairly quickly because the longer they sit, the more salt they absorb. Unlike table salt, Himalayan crystal salt doesn’t dissolve, so your shooters are in for the long run. Simply wipe clean between shots and the anti-bacterial nature of the salt will take care of the rest. No need for messy table salt, just serve with lime wedges for a bite of citrus tartness. Not dishwasher safe. if standing liquids are left in salt tequila glasses, they will slowly erode over time. Wipe clean when not in use and store in a dry place. As these are natural salt, these shot glasses will vary in color from white to a rosy pink. 100% Natural & 100% Organic. Simple cleaning: Just rinse with water and dry with a paper towel. Each shot glass measures 3″H and holds 1 Fluid Ounce.

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  • Includes: (4) Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glasses
  • Carved From The Finest FDA-Approved Food Grade Himalayan Salt
  • 100% Natural – 100% Organic – Naturally Anti-Bacterial
  • These Shooters Naturally Add The Perfectly Nuanced, Salty Note To Your Favorite Tequila
  • Simple Cleaning: Just Rinse With Water & Dry With Paper Towel – Not Dishwasher Safe

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Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 8.6 × 3.4 × 2.4 in


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