Home Jewelry And Accessories Organizer Stand


Say goodbye to your messy desk or nightstand with the KOVOT home jewelry and accessories organizer stand. The classy white designed stand is made from high quality steel and wood. Designed to organize jewelry, accessories, keys, cell phones and tablets. Ideal for home and bedside use, bringing both functionality and style to your bedroom or living room. The tall design accommodates long necklaces and bracelets: tray at base holds rings, keys, and other small accessories.

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  • Classy White Design Made From High Quality Steel And Wood
  • Keeps Jewelry, Accessories, Keys, Cell Phone, And Tablets Neatly Organized
  • Ideal For Home And Bedside Use, Bringing Both Functionality And Style To Your Bedroom Or Living Room
  • Tall Design Accommodates Long Necklaces And Bracelets; Tray At Base Holds Rings, Keys, And Other Small Items
  • Measures: 4 inch W x 11 inch H x 8 inch L

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Weight 1.85 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 × 8.4 × 4.5 in


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