Humongous Larger Than Life Transparent Beach Ball


You gotta check out this larger than life KOVOT Beach Ball. Standing at 8 to 9 feet when fully inflated, this ball has got the beach body everyone will be staring at. The circumference of the inflated ball is about 24 feet, that’s 12 feet from top pole to bottom pole!

The transparent color panels allow people to be seen on both sides for safety and added fun. Makes for amazing and eye-catching fun at the beach or a party, also great for physical education classes, after-school programs, or many special events. We suggest to use an air compressor or electric pump to inflate as this will tire out your lungs without getting much done.

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  • Stands 8 to 9 Feet Tall When Fully Inflated – That’s 12 Feet From Pole to Pole!
  • Made From High Quality Thick and Durable Plastic With Reinforced Seems
  • Makes For Amazing and Eye-Catching Fun At the Beach Or A Party, Also Great For Physical Education Classes, After-School Programs, Or Many Special Events
  • Transparent Color Panels Allows People To Be Seen On Both Sides of the Ball for Safety and Adds to the Fun
  • Included Repair Patch Kit In Case of Puncture – We Don’t Want the Fun to End

Additional information

Weight 13.55 lbs
Dimensions 17.2 × 11.9 × 4.7 in


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