Kovot Disposable Translucent 7oz. Plastic Cups (480 Count)


  • TONS OF CUPS – Whatever the occasion, you might as well get a large pack. This one comes with 480 cups! After your event, keep them handy around the house
  • PARTY TIME – You’ve got lots of people coming! And you gotta make sure they don’t go thirsty. These clear plastic cups are great for any party, event, or get-together
  • HOME USE – You don’t always have time to wash glasses. Grab these disposable cups for CONVENIENCE. Use them for a quick drink or during any meal
  • PREMIUM PLASTIC – Don’t settle for cheaply made brands. Our translucent plastic cups are made from quality material. They’re hard to break, so pour another drink and enjoy!
  • REFRESHING BEVERAGE – The 7 oz cups hold just the right amount of liquid. Savor some ice-cold soda, juice, or any refreshment

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Great for all occasions, these Translucent Cups can hold the refreshing liquids you crave during a meal, party or lunch. Practical and disposable, these cups are great to keep handy for all needs. Wash the food down with sweet, sharp or cold.

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