Kovot Coir Boot Scraper Door Mat – 12″ x 13″


  • Scrape Away The Mud – How often do you come home with dirty shoes or boots? This Mud Scrubber Doormat is designed with two “boot-sized” sections. You’ll be able to brush off each foot thoroughly before entering your house
  • Keeps Your Home Clean – The stong coir fibers will strip all kinds of stubborn debris from your boots. Remove dirt, mud, snow, and grass before entering your house. A clean home is a happy home
  • Matches Your Décor – With a modern design, this coir match will fit in with any home’s décor. Keep it on your front porch, in your garage, or other entryways
  • Withstands The Elements – What good is a coir outdoor mat if it can’t handle a bit of rain? Unlike most, ours is made with weatherproof materials. You’ll be able to use this mat for multiple seasons. Note: We recommend keeping it on a covered porch
  • Better For The Planet – Coir is made from Natural Coconut Fiber. This material is much more sustainable than other types of bristles. Use your new doormat knowing you’re making less impact on the planet
  • Doormat Measures: 12″ x 13″

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Included: Strong Durable Mud Scrubber Doormat. Made in India From Durable and weatherproof materials. Doormat Measures: 12″ x 13″


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