KOVOT Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with LCD Display Monitor- Arm Pedal Home Exercise equipment- Stationary and Noiseless Exercise Bike


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  • Improve Fitness conveniently: KOVOT Pedal exerciser is Easy-to-use and a convenient device. It allows you to do low-impact aerobic workouts for your legs and arms. The under-desk bike pedal exerciser is specially designed to stimulate blood circulation and it tones and improves overall muscle strength.
  • Great value for money: The Under-desk bike pedal exerciser is ergonomically designed workout equipment with a heavy-duty metal body, a low center of gravity for greater stability, and anti-slip rubber sleeves that allow the peddler to stay put on slippery surfaces, hard floors or table-top
  • Perfect for Office and Home workouts: The Under-desk stationary bike is a versatile equipment; It is compact which gives the benefit of easy storage and it can be easily carried from one room to another for use whilst reading a book, watching TV, It is noiseless so you can use under your desk in your workspace, in a recliner chair, or even on a tabletop to exercise your arms.
  • LCD Monitor Screen: The under-desk bike pedal exerciser features an LCD display monitor, which shows the calorie and rotation count. You can keep track of your progress with our exceptional stationery under desk exercise equipment
  • Adjustable Resistance Knob: The Under desk bike pedal exerciser is excellent for your upper and lower body, The device features an adjustable resistance knob that can be used to adjust pace and resistance accordingly which makes it a superb accessory for people with different mobility rate. It has stable pedals which makes the movement and rotations easy for everyone.

Do you want to manage your workout with your hectic office job? Or do you want to improve your healthy lifestyle while sitting at home?

The modern office culture with the pandemic confining us to our homes and switching to work-from-home offices, and decreasing our daily activities we came up with a wonderful solution to combat the sitting hours and convert them into healthy sitting time; The KOVOT under desk bike Pedal Exerciser, It’s a stationary pedal mini bike to fit in with your fast-paced life and allowing you to do the low impact legs and hands exercise.

Office or Under-Desk Equipment

The Under-desk office pedal exerciser is practically noiseless which gives it the advantage to be excellent office workout equipment. It doesn’t require much space as our under-desk stationary pedal exerciser measures 18″ long and 15″ wide.

Safe and Comfortable

The under-desk bike pedal exerciser is great work-from-home exercise equipment. It provides you with low-impact exercises and the adjustable resistance knob prioritizes your convenience and comfort making it completely safe to use. Indoor stationary bike provide a level of cardiovascular engagement that is beneficial for your overall blood circulation and flow.

The Under desk pedal exerciser isn’t electrically operated, it doesn’t need extra plugs or wires. The under-desk pedal exerciser comes assembled so you don’t need any tool or extra experience joining it.

So make the best of your sitting hours with our convenient under-desk pedal exerciser. Click on “BUY NOW”

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