KOVOT Magnetic Design Puzzle Set – Imaginative Play with Magnetic Shapes – Arts & Crafts Wooden Pattern Blocks Set – Educational Toy with Carrying Case


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  • INCLUDED: Wood frame carry box 11.75″ x 11.75″ (40) Magnetic wood pcs. (12) 2-Sided Design Cards with 24 colorful designs
  • MAGNETIC DESIGN AND ART PUZZLE: The creative art magnetic design Puzzle set by KOVOT lets you play by creating different shapes with the puzzles. The puzzle set could be solved on the magnetic board and turned into a colorful and creative art piece. The puzzle set has so many interesting pieces and hints as well to give your kid a push to solve the riddle.
  • KEEP YOUR KIDS ENGAGED: KOVOT magnetic design puzzle keeps a toddler busy and engaged in a fun job. The imaginative magnetic toy has so many fascinating shapes to entertain and help the kids build their problem-solving skills.
  • DEVELOP IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY IN ONE SET: The Magnetic Design Puzzle set is an excellent toy for toddlers; it provides an excellent source to develop imagination and creativity. A brilliant workout for their fine motor skills and is best to improve their hand-eye coordination. The Magnetic Art Puzzle set uses the logical thinking skills and the problem-solving attributes of your child in good use and is a great practice for it.
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL: The KOVOT magnetic design and art puzzle set is an exploratory play, It is visually appealing and eye-catching. It’s bright and colorful and can also be helpful to teach different colors, recognize different shapes and join together to make a bigger picture.
  • BEST QUALITY PLAYING SET: Magnetic playing puzzle set is a wooden toy, it is constructed and crafted with quality, it has smooth edges and is very lightweight. The paints used on the magnetic puzzle set are non-toxic and safe for kids. The Magnetic art puzzle set comes in a carrying case which makes it easy to store, portable, and keeps the pieces organized.

Are you looking for an educational and learning toy for your toddler? Or a toy that keeps them engaged and promotes logical thinking in them?

We have the perfect toy for you; KOVOT magnetic art and design puzzle set, it’s an imaginative puzzle set with various colorful pieces that could be connected to make multiple different shapes and images. The shapes provided gives endless possibilities of combinations and pictures.

The cute magnetic puzzle set is best for motor development, color coordination, and counting. We know that a parent always considers their child’s interaction, entertainment, learning, and quality of construction in a toy and we prioritize everything you prefer. The puzzle set includes 12 side cards with 24 designs to support and give them hints while managing the curiosity in the toy.

The pack contents

The magnetic art and design wooden puzzle set includes 40 Magnetic differently shaped wood pieces, a Wood frame carry box that measures 11.75″ x 11.75”, and 12 Design Cards with 24 colorful designs. It’s travel friendly and could be a great source of learning and amusement during a long drive or travel to keep them busy and entertained. The imaginative magnetic puzzle set is suitable for kids over 3 years.

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